Expandable Garden Hose


Greenbest Expandable Garden Hose with Aviation Aluminum Alloy Nozzle/Sprayer



l         Aviation Aluminum Alloy Nozzle/Sprayer and Connector/Coupling

Rust-Free, Light-Weight, Long-Lasting

Strong, Durable, Heavy-Duty, Wear-Resistance

l         Expandable (3-Time)

Expands Up to 3 Times its Original Size to its Full Length

Automatically Water-Powered, Easy to Expand, Contract and Rewind

l         Light-Weight, Flexible, Compact and Easy to Handle

l         Kink-Free, Guaranteed Not to Kink - Never Kinks, Twists or Tangles like Ordinary Hose

l         Leak-Free, Guaranteed Not to Leak - Tough Rubber Inner Hose Covered in Super Strong Webbing

Greenbest Expandable Garden Hose is durable, heavy-duty, light-weight and kink-free.  It is a great alternative to the standard garden hose.  Made from durable material and engineered with revolutionary design, it is multi-purpose and ideal for watering, cleaning and various wash-down applications.  Turn on the water and the hose automatically expands to a giant full sized hose, up to 3-time of its contracted length.  When the water is turned off, the hose contracts to its original length.  It equips with solid rust-free aviation aluminum alloy connector and spray nozzle.  The nozzle can produce handy spray patterns for various applications.  Its polyester fiber surface around the hose's interior rubber helps resist kinking while also protecting the hose from abrasion.

INSTALLATION:  Completely remove hose from packaging and unroll loosely before attaching to faucet.  Attach hose to water faucet by turning coupling clockwise until securely fastened to prevent leaking.  When you use the hose for the first time, it is recommended that you first fill the hose and slightly stretch the hose to release any tightness in the outer folded material.


DIRECTION:  Keep hose away from movable objects.  Turn the water on at the source and your hose will automatically expand to its maximum length.  Turn the spray nozzle for desired spray modes.  Shut the water off at the source and your hose will automatically rewind.

STORAGE:  For storage, remove hose from faucet by turning coupling counter-clockwise.  Allow excess water to drain out in the process.  Store in cool, dry place for longest life. 


WARNING:  Do not attempt to apply water pressure while hose is still rolled up.  Hose will not work and damage and/or bursting could occur.

WARNING:  This hose is intended for normal lawn and garden use.  Do not leave hose under pressure when not in use.  Drain hose in summer when not in use and keep in shaded area as much as possible.  Water left in the hose in the sun will expand and potentially harm the hose.  Protect your hose from harsh winter weather by storing it indoors.  Be sure to drain completely before storing it indoors.  Water remaining in the hose can freeze and damage the hose.  This hose is intended for outdoor and cold water use only.  Do not use when freezing may occur.

WARNING:  It is important when using watering devices that you are aware of electrical devices and outlets.  DO NOT SPRAY WATER INTO AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET.  SEVERE ELECTRICAL SHOCK COULD RESULT.


200 psi


5/8 in

FULL LENGTH (When Expanded)

25-foot  50-foot  75-foot  100-foot


Blue  Purple  Green  Red  White  Black



Greenbest Company

Seattle, WA



Designed in USA

Made in China

©2014 Greenbest Company





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